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Aug 03, 2011 at 01:55 PM

brconnect update stats on an infocube


We have consulted the following note:

Note 428212 - Using BRCONNECT to update InfoCube statistics

That describes variants of brconnect commands to statistics on an InfoCube.

However in DBA Planning calender, under DB02, when we select Check and

update optimizer statistics, it only generates a standard brconnect


brconnect -u / -jid STATS20110417040000 -c -f stats -t ALL

How can we set up this transaction to allow for the variants of

brconnect for infocubes as described in the note?

If not, does this mean our only option is to run these variations

through a job scheduler (or command line) apart from DB02 and the DBA

planning calendar?

We would like to have ALL these jobs in once place (DB02 / DBA Planning

Calendar) as opposed to managing different jobs for different purposes.