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Aug 03, 2011 at 09:04 AM

External Requirement with contract in backend


Dear SAP experts,

We're implementing SRM 7 with backend ECC 6.0. We are using external requirement scenario and central contract. As our backend is not ECC 4.0 we have read that SAP offers a solution using IDOC. Assuming that we can have this scenario then we will be able to replicate the contract in SRM to be used as source of supply in ECC.

In our backend we are using PS module, in which when we input the component we can manually assign the contract number. We plan to assign the central contract passed from SRM in here. Afterward when we release the network the PR will then be created having the contract assigned to it, and then we will push the PR to SRM

This lead us to the question, the PR in question is a PR having central contract assigned to it, is it possible that the PR pushed to SRM having the contract still assigned into it? We have scenario where every requirement which having contract assigned to it SHOULD be created as PO, so in this scenario we expect the PR from PS will become PO in SRM (no need to go to sourcing anymore as the source has been assigned in ECC).

Is this possible?