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Aug 02, 2011 at 01:08 PM

How to activate Image, Pdf, Hyperlink and Scale Prices in SRM-MDM


Hi Experts,

I have requirement to activate the following features:

1. Image

2. PDF

3. Hyperlink

4. Scale Prices

These should be activated and should be available in the current business' internal catalogs so that users could be able to easily identify the item they want to create.

Does anyone know the steps on how to proceed on these?

I have read and researched about this and I found out that objects should be imported in Data Manager and the link between items should be mapped in Import Manager.

I tried this first in Image, I was able to successfully import image. I tried adding the link first in existing item in data manager by right click on the Image field->Add/Link New... -> I was brought to the screen where I should add the image again, so I added ti again and there I was able to link the image and the item.

I understand that for the image to be available in the end-user's internal catalog screen, I should modify UI Configuration. So I added the Image field by going to Customize Display Tab-> and adding it in the Item Lists, Cart Preview, Compare, Item details radio button. But when I checked on end-user's internal catalog screen, Image column is still not there.

I believe PDF and Image has the same process. But how could I add the link between image and item for the entire catalog items?

Please also help on how to activate the Hyperlink and Scale price functionality.

Thank you so much!