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Aug 02, 2011 at 12:16 PM

Script Logic / Allocation


I am new to script logic and trying to do a small thing.

For a given month, I got a value stored against an account for a company.

I want to copy same value for against all other companies in the system against same account.

For example.

Month 1

Company 1

Account 1 = 10

Other dimension members default

For company 2 I want to copy same value, so after copying the vale should be

Month 1

Company 2

Account 1 = 10

1. How can i do using script logic

2. I tried using allocation. But I am not sure how I can execute it. If I got an allocation named u201Calloc1u201D with factor = 1. I am trying to call allocation using RunAllocation alloc1, but this does not seems working.

Either way, if my requirements are met, I am fine with script logic or allocation logic.

Any suggestions?