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Aug 01, 2011 at 02:14 PM

Not clearing dropdown value in interactive HCM P & F forms.


Hi Gurus,

I had an issue with dropdown list value in one of the HCM P & F interactive form. The scenario is like this. There is one input field (named cost center ID) and one dropdown list (named Org unit). In input field first time I entered cost centre ID and I clicked update push button then in Org unit dropdown list, list of org units related to selected cost centre ID got populated. Among those I selected one Org unit in dropdown list. Then immediately I felt this is not the right cost centre and I selected another cost centre and I provided this cost centre in input field and I clicked pushbutton. Now in Org unit dropdown list field, new list of org units populated along with old value selected previously.

For ex: For cost centre ID 1005678 (assume org units are A, B, C, D) and for cost centre ID 1987234 (assume org units are W, V, U, X). First I selected cost ctr ID 1005678, I got a list of org units A,B,C,D. Among these I selected org unit 'B'. Now I felt this is not right cost ctr and I selected cost ctr ID 1987234 and clicked update button. Now I got a list of orgunits W,V,U,X,B. Along with the new list, previous selected org unit 'B' also appearing. My requirement is to clear this value 'B' from the drop down list before populating the new list. I request any suggestion for this issue.