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Jan 26, 2005 at 05:33 PM

DI Server API - is it ready for production use?


Hi all,

I have been doing some work with the DI Server API over the last couple of weeks and have been generally struggling! I am having lots of problems which suggest, to me at least, that it's not yet ready for production use and was perhaps rushed to release.

So does anyone else have any experiance / thoughts on using the DI Server in anger? Any tips that might make the whole thing palatable?

Some of the issues I have encountered follow, apologies if this seems like a bile blog, it's been a frustrating couple of weeks :-

1. The DI Server uses SOAP formatted messages for interaction, this suggests that creating a web service should be trivial, however this just not the case. The sample asp files that have been made available to gain access to the API do not permit the use of standard web service API's (especially in the Java world). I can code a more suitably replacement (i.e. something that accepts SOAP messages as required for web services), however as there is no WSDL file, coding the SOAP client would have to be done by hand, which, at best, is slow and error prone.

2. The XML schemas that are shipped with the API are not accurate, I have tried to use these to generate XML bindings using JAXB (XML -> Java objects), which makes the parsing exercise trivial, only to find that the binding fails as the schema published does not match the XML returned.

3. The documentation is incomplete, and in some places inaccurate.

I know that all these issues are summountable, but I just want to get on with accessing the information stored with SBO and actually meeting business driven requirements. Using a DI API like interface exposed as a proper web service with a WDSL file would allow me to do that.