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Adobe form Original and Copy print preview

Hi All,

I have created the Adobe form.

In an interface level i have written a code( Code Initialization ), code is working for 1 print-preview.

If I want to display 2 copies, how can i achieve that?

I would like to have as Original and Copy print preview in adobe form.

Please let me know how can i achieve it.



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  • Printing 2 copies of initial output ("original") and processing output again to create a copy are two different scenarios. You might want to clarify what is the challenge exactly, what you have tried so far and where are you doing all this (custom report? standard output?).

  • Hi Jelana,

    From driver program, I can able to preview 2 copies( by doing "DO" or with the SFPOUTPUTPARAMS-COPIES = '2'), I am looking is there any possibilities of doing it in Interface level itself?



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