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Aug 01, 2011 at 06:41 AM

reading infocube using .NET Connector 3.0 with dynamic parameters


Hello All,

Iu2019m completely new to SAP BW, but have enough experience in .NET.

Currently Iu2019m working on a websites that visualizes (and analyses) SAP INFOCUBE. I tried to implement .NET Connector 3.0, but unfortunately Iu2019ve to pass several parameters (number of parameters are depends on user selection of options in the website) which may not possible in BAPI functions.

Moreover I would like to use MDX Statements (which is to be created dynamically in .net on user selection of fields or controls) to extract a cube data from SAP BW apart from ADOMD (where I was successful).

Summary: extract data using .NET Connector 3.0 and MDX (or any other medium that supports multiple (unknown) nr of parameters)

Any suggestions or help will be very thankful

Thanks in advance