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PGI Mandatory

Dear All,

How can I make PGI Mandatory in Delivery Creation (VL01N) ? I want system to throw error message if PGI is not done. Becoz system is allowing to Save the document without PGI and Billing is also allowed.

Please help me in solving this issue.



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4 Answers

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    Jul 31, 2011 at 02:36 PM

    Through standard settings, you cannot prevent this. System will allow to save the delivery without doing PGI due to the fact that in many clients place, delivery will be generated by one person and picking and PGI will be done by the other person. In your case, if you want to prevent, you have to try with delivery user exit V50S0001


    G. Lakshmipathi

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    • With the above delivery exit, you can achieve the requirement by checking parameters like

      a) Delivery Type

      b) Shipping Point

      c) Ship To Party etc

      Depending upon the requirement, you have to hard code the necessary field.


      G. Lakshmipathi

  • Jul 31, 2011 at 09:23 AM


    It is Possible Through Screen Variant By using the T-Code SHD0

    Search in the SDN forum you will find related to Screen Variant and also in the Google

    user exit USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT in include MV50AFZ1 to Mandatory PGI in VL01N.



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      Hi Rohit,

      Your requirement is to do PGI when it is save, but our other SAP colleagues discussing which is not fit for your requirement

      In your case user is only saving delivery without PGI and trying to create invoice and facing error.

      Now simply set background job for PGI in VL23

      In this create variant and set proper selection criteria and save then schedule it

      Now even if your user missed out to do PGI this background job will do that.

      Suggestion is not to go for any enhancement/user exit it will need to put lot of efforts for you & your ABAPer


  • Jul 31, 2011 at 10:04 AM


    In standard SAP OTC (sales document type OR) functionality you can not create a bill if PGI is not done.

    In VOV7, your item category, in field "Billing relevance" make it A (delivery related) and then test.

    Thus PGI must be done, to create bill is already standard functionality.

    In business practice, normally first delivery note is created in VL01N and then say after few hrs / few days PGI is done in VL02N. So making PGI mandatory in VL01N is NOT mirroring the normal business practice & I do not recommend it.

    Why you want to make PGI madatory in VL01N? Is it for all your processes?

    Furthermore, you have to think about Rush orders, Cash Sales; where delivery is created when sales order is created, this above requirement when configured in SAP; would it be a problem technically?


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    • Hi Rohit,

      Actual the problem is that some users are creating a Standard Sales Order but they are skipping PGI button and saving it ,and then they are directly creating the Billing without PGI, to avoid it I need some solution.

      There could be 2 types of billing -

      1. Order related billing - For service product (e.g. Washing cars), you do not need PGI; you can create a sales order and go to VF01 and create a bill.

      2. Delivery related billing - For manufacturing related products (e.g. TV), you need to create delivery in VL01N, you need to pick the TV from your warehouse with transfer order (optional step), then you need to do PGI in VL02N. ONLY after PGI you can do billing in VF01.

      If PGI is NOT done, user shall get error "Billing document not generated because PGI not done".

      The above is standard functionality. I have tested this (now too).

      The control for this is in VOV7, in your item category, field "Billing Relevance" make it A (delivery related). Then test by -

      TEST 1. Creating a sales order, create a delivery. DONOT do PGI. Go to VF01 and try to create bill. You shall NOT be able to do that.

      TEST 2. Creating a sales order, create a delivery. DO PGI. Go to VF01 and try to create bill. You shall be able to do that.

      Also, ONLY after PGI, does a delivery "be eligible" for billing. i.e. delivery comes into the billing due list after PGI (in dlv related billing)

      To test this -

      Test 3. create so, create dlv. then do NOT do PGI. Go to VF04, give Sales org., date etc. Execute - You can not see your delivery in the billing due list.

      If the dlv is not in the billing due list, that means it can be processed to create a bill.

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    Sep 26, 2011 at 10:02 AM

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