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Jul 29, 2011 at 09:43 AM

How can I use InfoView/CMC behind load balancer with SSL offloading?


Hi all,

I installed Crystal Reports Server 2008 with IIS as web server. Both InfoView and CMC web GUIs run on port 6405.

In front of the server we are going to install a load balancer terminating SSL/HTTPS and speaking HTTP to the Crystal Reports Server (aka "SSL offloading"). I know that this causes problems when the Web GUI sends a redirect to the client, because the redirect URL uses http:// while it has to use https://. Is there a way to configure Crystal Reports or the IIS to return https:// for redirects?

I read that there is a solution for Tomcat (Connector setting with scheme=https), however I'm looking for a solution for IIS. Ideally the https:// is only used when a special HTTP header is set, however a global switch would be OK too.

Thanks for infos