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Jul 29, 2011 at 12:07 AM

Fixed freight cost for entire sales order



My client is wants to apply one fixed freight cost for the entire sales order and distribute it among the items.


Let say, for an incoterm AAAA, a fixed freight rate (using Calc Type B) is maintained to be $ 1000.

When a sales order is created with 4 sales order items and with incoterm AAAA, currently the system is calculating the total freight cost to be 4000 (4*1000). 1000 for each item.

Where as I want the total freight cost to remain $ 1000 and $ 1000 should be among the sales order items proportionally.

I know that we can use header conditions, but with header conditions we need to enter the freight cost manually in the sales order (No access sequence or condition record). But my client wants to pick the freight rate automatically from condition records based on incoterm.

Could you please suggest a way to meet my requirement.