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Jul 28, 2011 at 07:21 PM

Principal Propagation Issue - J2EE_GUEST being used in some messages


Hi guys !

I have the following situation, my customer have a SAP PI 7.1 Ehp 1 and, some interfaces are configured to run under Principal Propagation.

What is occurring is, for an interface that uses principal propagation and works correctly, the message enters in PI using an authenticated user for principal propagation(for example, USER0001) and this authentication is propagated until the receiver system(eg, SAP ECC), but in some cases, this same interface shows the following behavior: the authenticated user USER0001 send a message, the message starts to be processed in the PI pipeline propagating this user but, when the message will be delivered to RFC Adapter, we receive the following error:

Adapter Framework caught exception: failed to generate error initializing could not create JCO Pool could not get JCOProperties [_DestinationServiceAuthorization1004] User-based destination service access denied to principal J2EE_GUEST. Assign the UME action Destination_Service_Write_Permission if the user should have the permission to save, update or remove destinations. The action is available already to the Administrator role.

And after one message stop with the error above, any message of any interface using principal propagation starts to show the following error, that is only solved running a full cache refresh:

Delivering the message to the application using connection RFC_ failed, due to: error while processing message to remote could not get functiontemplate from repository:$Exception: (106) JCO_ERROR_RESOURCE: Repository pool 'RfcRepository[RfcClient[RFCReceiverAutoCommit_ECC]]f0264787314535c0a27cf29d108f5860' does not exist or was removed..

The question is, why do PI pipeline is trying to use J2EE_GUEST in some task for an interface configured to use Principal Propagation ? Why this occurs in some cases and not in anothers(for the same interface) ? Why the cache is being lost ?? And of course, how can I solve this annoyng situation ?

All configurations needed to run Principal Propagation was done according the documentation(, and as I said, it works in most cases. All messages are sent using SOAP Adapter for the Sender System, and RFC Adapter for the receiver, and there are synchronous and asynchronous interfaces. Basically the interfaces that only read data from SAP, does not use principal propagation and, the ones that create/update/delete data in SAP, uses principal propagation.

Somebody already saw something like this ?

Thank you in advance, and best regards,