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Jul 28, 2011 at 06:21 PM

Error running V_V2


Dear Gurus,

I have the following scenario.

1) I create a new sales order with material A on 21st July for 10 ST. Unfortunately there is no stock at that time so the availability check returns 0 for confirmed quantity in my schedule line.

2) I create a purchase order for material A on 21st July for 20 ST and I do the good receive for it on 22nd July for those 20 ST. So, now I have available stock for my sales order. I have 20 ST in unrestricted stock.

3) On the 22nd I run V_V2 for material A to get 10 ST confirmed in my sales order. However nothing happens and quantity is still unconfirmed in my order.

4) I try to run V_RA for the sales order but it does not work either. Confirmed quantity in my sales order is 0.

5)Finally If I enter in the sales order via VA02 and I manually do the availability check, the 10 ST are confirmed with no problem.

Why is not working the V_V2 and V_RA in this scenario? Is not possible to do a massive availability check for the sales orders in such a case?

Plase help! Thanks and regards,