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Jul 28, 2011 at 02:40 PM

How to make use of a static or dynamic LOV in Desktop Instelligence reports


I want to use static LOV as well as dynamic LOV as a prompt for one of my report.

I have created a dynamic LOV but I dont know how to include it as a prompt to my reports. Please teach me the same.

For example I have two classes called COMPANY and EMPLOYEE in my universe. Each entry in the company class will have n number of employees in the employee class. My requirement is when I run the report it should prompt the user to select the company name which is a object in the COMPANY class. Based on the users's input the report should pull the employee data.

For this I have to create a COMPANY name LOV and this should be used in the 'Conditions' section of the Desktop Intellegence.

Please guide me for the same.