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Jul 28, 2011 at 10:45 AM

Verification field for Batch number - Transaction LM05


Hi Experts,

Can some one help on the issue of adding a verification field for BATCH NUMBER on the screen 2502 and make it work.

Requirement : Add Verification field for batch number and build the logic to verify the batch number - as the SAP standard does for other fields.

I have proceeded to some extent and seems like I am not winning.

Steps done :

1. Copied physical screen 2502 (SAPLLMOB) to screen 9502(SAPLXLRF)

2. Changed the screen to subscreen and removed the OK_CODE from the element list.

3. Created the project ZMWMRF502 and assigned user exit MWMRF502 to this project.

4. In the components of the project assigned 9502(SAPLXLRF) to 1502((SAPLLMOB).

5. Assigned the screen 9502 to logical screen 0502 in the config.

6. In the transaction LRFMD given the username and variant '1'.

Now When I execute the transaction LM05 and give the TO number, the system calls my screen 9502 with new field seen in that.

But the screen is completely greyed out with no data in that.

I checked PBO and PAI of my new copied screen.

In all the modules which I received from the copy of SAP standard screen there is no code except name.

I mean to say that names of all modules exist but when I double click on any module it ask me to create a new object.

If I have to create module similar to SAP there is a lot of coding in side. How do I proceed further.

Can some help me.

Thanks and regards