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Error message FI 759: Fund does not exist in FM area


I have to make a distribution in CO-OM (tr KSV5) according to fund

But if I customize fund as sender, choose fund from the fund catalog and make a formal chek of cycle I see an error message FI 759: Fund does not exist in FM area. How can I make it go away?

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Jul 28, 2011 at 09:38 AM


    Keep in mind that 'blank' fund is not allowed for CO operations, if fund is activated as account assignment element.



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  • Posted on Jul 29, 2011 at 04:51 PM

    Hi Irina,

    As per the note 489315, you must choose a layout that contains the exact data for the active objects.

    When planning for non-FM company codes you will have to change the profile/layout that only contain the elements that are active in the company code.

    If you encounter error: KAFF002 while doing the above then please can you see if point 3 of note 555134 will help to by-pass the message.

    Once you add the field Fund and set it to optional you should be able to use planning.

    Note 555134:

    3. The fields of the Funds Management are defined as 'Required entry

    fields' in the standard layouts, in other words depending on the

    permissibility of the initial value for a field an entry is always

    demanded. To prevent this there are two options:

    a) Copy the desired standard layout into an own (transaction KP65,

    KPG5, OPO1) and via "Extras -> Variables -> Variables definition'

    set the corresponding field to 'Optional". Then, add this layout

    to your planner profile with transaction KP34.

    b) Implement the attached program ZK555134 (correction instruction

    461025). After the entry of planning area and layout all fields

    of the Funds Management are set depending on your selection of

    'Optional' or 'Not optional' (standard system). Like this you can

    also change standard layouts. The check for the fields for which

    'initial' is not a valid value is still carried out.

    If you want to use FUND Accounting, I suggest you to read note 518610 for your reference. This note contains information about FUND Accounting and its effect.

    If you only want to use 'Fund' in Funds Management, you do not have to activate the 'Fund' account assignment element.

    If you activated the FUND account assignment element, which is at CLIENT level activation, the fund would always have to be filled as a required entry field in CO, FI-AA and HR for all company codes in the client concern.

    Please also refer to notes 625262 and 659086.

    or re-import the standard planning layout from the client 000. In the note 320197 is descriped how to do this.

    I believe this will resolve your issue.

    Best Regards,


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    • Hello Irina,

      As you were talking about KSV5, I assume we are dealing with CO allocations instead of planning.

      As far as we know, there might be a problem with FM Area definition during allocation.

      So, we should review the online help regarding to assignments from an organizational perspective:


      Master Data > Enterprise Structure - Organizational Units > Organizational Structures - Assignments

      This section explains the way the system determines the FM Area also within Integration with Controlling.


      "If you want to integrate Cost and Project Controlling with Funds

      Management, the system must also determine an FM area for transferring

      the data to Funds Management. The FM area is not derived from a direct

      assignment of the organizational unit of Controlling, from the

      Controlling Area, to an FM area, rather from an indirect one. The FM

      area is determined via the company codes assigned to the controlling

      area to which the FM area is assigned, whereby the company code is

      determined from the CO objects"


      In addition, check note 122581. Generally, when several Company codes are involved, some with FM active and some without

      FM active, you should assign the 'Non-FM' company codes to a "dummy" FM Area with a minimum of configuration.

      In the SDN, there are other helpful threads in this regard:



      Does this help you?


      cheers, Mar