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Jul 28, 2011 at 08:06 AM

Complete data backup job ends with error (db instance can't be stopped)


Hello all you SAP gurus! 😊

I have a problem with the database backup jobs. The backup itself seems to finish well, however the fields in DBA Planning Calender turns always red. The reading in the joblog of the complete data backup isn't showing anything in particular, however the joblog of the check complete data backup shows this:

*** SAVE/RESTORE result:
-24895,ERR_SHUTDOWN: shutdown of database occured
-24994,ERR_RTE: Runtime environment error
6,connection broken server state 6

And really, the database instance couldn't be stopped via linux console either. stopsap -t db shows this:

Trying to stop database ...
There are still active users connected to the database.
On order to shutdown the database with stopdb you first have to stop all
database applications. This includes MCOD instances and database utilities.
Trying: Permission denied.

However when the application server is restarted, the first shutdown of the db instance is without any problems. The next ones are with the mentioned error.

I tried to apply the note 1148232, but with no effort.

I can turn the database offline with dbmcli, however that doesn't solve my problem with backups.

I'm planning a kernel update of the system, so maybe that will help, but until then... any hints?

Thanks in advance.


- Stefan