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Jul 28, 2011 at 07:51 AM

Leading zeros in SAP ME materials that come from SAP ERP



When materials are transfered from the SAP ERP side via MII to SAP ME it can be observed that material numbers have leading zeros. For example a material number is created in SAP ME like 0000000123456 instead of 123456.

I think this behaviour can be changed in the XLST transformations, which are part of SAPMEINT.

Is this the usual way to fulfill the requirement "No leading zeros for SAP ME material numbers"?

It can be observed that for example the shop orders don't have the leading zeros, when they are created in SAP ME.

Of cause, when confirmations are sent back to SAP ERP the corresponding XSLT transformation adds again these '0',

it is somehow necessary for SAP ERP for the shop order lookup.

I see one disadvantage when using modified XLST transformations.

Each time a new version of SAPMEINT is deployed a check shoukld be made from our side, if there are changes in the original XSLT transformations.

So what is the statement of direction from the SAPMEINT developers?


Erich Lind