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STO between two company codes


we are doing the inter company process between two company codes.

i have one reference document,

1) how can we find the supplying plant sales area and receving plant sales area.

2)In spro settings "Assign sales organization - distribution channel u2013 plant" which one we need to assign here(supplying plant sales area or receving plant sales area).

3)In customer master record sales area tab which one we need to assign as a Delivering plant(supplying plant or receving plant)

please tell me anyone.



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2 Answers

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    Jul 28, 2011 at 01:22 AM


    1. Are you referring to the config area of transaction area?

    If config, then you can find the configured sales area of the supplying & receiving plant in IMG --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Purchase Order --> Set Up Stock Transport Order --> Define Shipping Data for Plants (here you assign the relevant sales area to the relevant Supplying Plant and the created Customer number (in XD01) to the Receiving Plant. Thise customer number is used in SD shipping processing to identify the ship-to party if provision has been made in Customizing for a stock transfer to be carried out with an SD delivery). This sales area is to subsequently trigger the shipping point (based on shipping point determination) for delivery.

    You also assign the supplying plant to a vendor. To do this, from the SAP menu choose Logistics --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Master Data --> Vendor --> Purchasing --> Create; on the screen for purchasing data, choose Extras, and you assign the supplying plant here.

    2. In the SPRO, you assign the Supplying Plant to the relevant sales organization and the distribution channel in IMG --> Enterprise Structure --> Assignment --> Sales and Distribution --> Assign Sales Organizationu2013Distribution Channel-Plant.

    3. This is not required, as this delivery plant in the "Sales" tab is relevant when you create a Sales Order to automatically populate the delivery plant for the particular customer. For cross-company STO, the customer number is used to identify the ship-to-party to carry out the shipping processing. You would instead need to ensure that the shipping condition etc. in the customer are maintained properly for the shipping point determination.

    Hope the above helps.


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    Jul 28, 2011 at 04:07 AM

    you no need to change any exixting configuaration of your two company codes and slaes areas, but you need to do extra settings as below to make acceptence of plant as below...

    1) maintain one internal customer (which representsyour sales organization it self as an internal customer ) in spro --- s&d -billling -intercompany billing -

    maintain internal customery by sales organization.

    2) extend the same customer from xd01 to the other sales organization of other compnay code..

    3) extend the material also in the same way.

    4) maintain the delivering plant to both the sales areas of different company codes in spro-- s&d -billing -intercompany billing --assign plant by sales organizaion.

    5) now in enterprise structure assign plant to both sales organizations.( you cannot assign single plant to two company codes but you can for two sales organizations of different company codes.)

    6)you process the sales order for your sales customer whome you wanted to deliver ( but not give your internal customer because this is customer for whome the delivering plant will raise the inter company bill/invoice) and maintain the delivering plant manually in slaes order/delivery.

    7) after that you can raise billing to your customer.


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