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Crystal Reports Labels printing incorrect number of labels per page

Dec 16, 2016 at 06:46 AM


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We have a Zebra gk420d label printer which used to print fine on crystal runtime XI, we've since upgraded to using crystal runtime 13.0.18 and we're now having issues with a particular label that's printing 2 side-by-side labels on a roll.

Basically the labels are 49mm wide by 60mm tall with 1mm horizontal margins and 2mm vertical margins, so essentially the Paper roll width is 102mm (1 + 49 + 2 + 49 + 1) and there are 2mm horizontal gap and 4mm horizontal gap.

In the labels report, I set the default printer as the zebra printer and check the dissociate formatting page size and printer paper size so that I can specify the paper size. I set the paper to landscape and set the horizontal paper size to 10.2cm and verital size to 6.4cm with 0cm for all margins.

In the label layout section, I set the label size to the above but for some reason the report isn't able to calculate 2 across and 1 down. It seems to always calculate 1 across and 1 down unless if I set the horizontal paper size to 12.4cm and above.

So if I print with the correct sizes, I get a blank label on the right even though print previewing looks fine and I can PDF and then print it fine, but it won't print on 2 labels side-by-side as it should.

See attached zebralabels.png for the label and page settings, I can't think of anything I'm doing wrong... please help?

zebralabels.png (191.0 kB)
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Don Williams
Mar 09, 2017 at 05:38 PM

Hi Xin,

CR will not do that. What you need to do is reformat your report, in the Detail section right click on it and select Section Expert and check on the Format with multiple Columns option, you can then copy the fields from the left and added them to the right area.

You'll have to adjust by test printing to get them to print in the correct area


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Xin Jiang Mar 15, 2017 at 11:21 PM

Hi Don,

Thanks for that, the issue is more to do with printing the label directly to printer, even if I don't use the Label wizard and do as you say, the label looks perfect in the Crystal editor. It prints perfectly when I PDF it first then print the PDF or if I print it from the crystal report viewer, but if I print the label directly to the Zebra printer, it rotates side ways and is magnified so it basically prints 1 label over 2 side-by-side labels. I've tried playing around with the report as well as tried different Zebra drivers but I just can't get it to print properly. I'm not sure why it would rotate itself, I've tried forcing the orientation in code and it does not behave either... so I'm a bit out of ideas. I've attached the output where you can see how the 2 labels are rotated side ways and taking up 6 labels (3 rows) where they should be taking only 2 labels (1 row).

Any ideas?

labelsissues.png (411.6 kB)
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Xin Jiang Mar 15, 2017 at 11:43 PM

One thing is that I have a version of the report that will work perfectly when printing it directly. However, if I save the report without making any changes, it will no longer print properly. I think it has something to do with the printer settings when I saved the report as I have it set to use the zebra printer under page setup, printer options. I still have that printer but I'm not sure if printer settings have changed since then, is there anyway that I can retrieve from the report what the printer preferences (i.e. page size, etc) were at the time the report was last saved?

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