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Jul 26, 2011 at 10:38 AM

B.I. for newbies


Hey SCN! Good day to you all. Me and my team are "newbies" on SAP NetWeaver's B.I. (B.W.) and seeking help for us to make our practice set work. So, for our practice set, we're using a flatfile for us to generate data inside SAP.

Maybe you can help us guys figure out what we did wrong a while ago and also tell us the way it supposed to be done.

(Flatfiles are already made.) First, we created an InfoArea in the InfoObjects tab of the Modelling Workbench. Next we created an InfoObject Catalog (Characteristics). Here, we created our InfoObject Characteristics then followed by making our InfoObject Catalog (Key Figures) and same thing goes, we created our Key Figures here. Next is that we jumped to the DataSource tab of the Modelling Workbench and there made our Transaction DataSources. In this stage we import/mount the flatfiles to our created DataSources and we think eveything went well. Next, we jumped to creating our cubes. We created 4 cubes created characteristics and used some templates for the key figures and again, we think we did just fine on that part. (Are we already missing some important parts?) Unfortunately we really got lost in creating Transformations, DTPs and Infopackages. We did some of it on our cubes (InfoProvider tab) and some on our DataSources (DataSources Tab), but yes, we didn't get any data to monitor (maybe some wrong declarations where to point this and that etc.).

So I hope you can help us guys and we'll let you know if we manage to make it work. Thanks for your help in advance PROs!