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Jul 26, 2011 at 07:37 AM

Creation of Excise Invoice in J1IS Transaction - using DLFC ref. doc. type



I tried to create the excise Invoice using Ref. Doc Type DLFC in J1IS by giving the material document. But it is not allowing me to process further.

The business process requirment is to create a Supplementary Excise Invoice(Customer is Billed for a lesser value earlier)

we tried the following:

1. Credit memo request

2. Credit Memo

3. Excise Invoice in J1IS using sub.Tran Type(to map the Sales exc Inv Accounts). The reson why we used J1IS is to meet the requiremnt of generating the Outgoing Excise Invoice Number which is not possible in J1IH.

Now the issue is, the excise invoice created in J1IS is not available for Utilizaton in J2IUN

Please Suggest what process to be followed to address the issue.