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Jul 26, 2011 at 05:34 AM

Cascading Goals Process & Flex PM Form Usage


Hi folks,

This is what I'm planning to do....

Can anyone shed some light on this before I have to spend days trying to figure out a better way?!

I hope that others may find these questions and thoughts useful as well.

My client cascades goals throughout the organisation and I'm thinking of having the Top Manager (Org Level 0) confer with their direct reports Management Team (Org Level 1), devise Objectives/Goals and then create them as Team Goals and cascade them directly down to the subordinate Org Units (Org Level 1) who's heads are those same direct reports Management Team.

I can build the Performance Assessment Form so that these appear in a "Team Goals" tab for all Individuals in the org unit that they are cascaded to.

For my purposes I'm assuming that these cascaded Team Goals are never to be directly assessed by anyone (although they can be - I think via Cascading Goals functionality in Review Phase).

The Team Goal in it's current state will in most cases, not be directly applicable for everyone in the Team so shouldn't be included in all team member's goals - instead they should derive their own Individual goals (Team sub-goals) applicable for their particular position but they must support particular overall Team Goals as well.

Iu2019m assuming that the Team Goals must be included in the Performance Management Form merely as a record/reference for when the Form is in Planning status and the current owner (Manager or Employee) is creating their own Individual Goals (in another "Individual Goals" tab of the form), then they may be utilised by the "Align to" ability. If you want the actual un-changed Team Goal itself, you need to manually re-create it as an Individual Goal and then "Align" it with the original Team Goal. In this way the individuals are assessed on goals under their control and particular to their position, rather than subject to a Team-wide fixed goal assessment rating.

The process above would be repeated by each of the (Org Level 1) Management Team Managers, by substituting themselves into the process position depicted by the Top Manager (Org Level 0) described above.

Question 1:

I'm assuming that these cascaded Team Goals must be actually present (configured to appear), in an Individual's Performance Management Form to be able to be available for the "Align to" ability ie. when using the various Cascading Goals enhancements (Core, Corporate, Team etc), the goals must be somewhere in the form already

OR can they be retrieved if merely available via cascading (eg. to Org Unit) but not actually present/showing in the form itself?.

Question 2:

Can cascaded Team Goals be brought into the "Team Goals" tab without displaying an assessment/rating and therefore play no part in the individual's overall performance rating?

Question 3:

Assuming that you did want to make all members of a Team subject to one or more Team Goals as part of their performance review and have the same assessment/rating for it:

- Is this rating performed via the Cascading Goals functionality in Review Phase by the person who created the cascading goals?

- Would therefore all individuals with that Team Goal receive the same single rating?

Question 4:

As an extension to Question 3. If you wanted all people in the team to have the same cascaded Team Goals appear in their Performance Management Forms in the Team Goals tab, but wanted the ability to assess each individualu2019s performance against it personally, is it possible to have it appear for all and allow the same goal to be rated specifically for the individual?

I think Iu2019ve said enough....

IF you got this far, I applaud your dedication and would really appreciate a few thoughts.