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Jul 25, 2011 at 04:35 PM

Cost Components in Standard Cost estimate


For a material , the actual cost are booked as per BOM in Production order. Apart from this We run Distribution cycle to distribute Cost center costs to production order on the basis of some SKF.

This results into the details of all Cost elements in Production order along with BOM.

The material is only having the BOM. So the standard cost estimate run takes only the BOM components.

Now my question is how to bring the cost of all above cost element cost in Standard cost estimate,so the actual cost from Production order and the standard cost comes closer to each other.

Also in Production order cost analysis report we can see that actual cost for each cost element in the Actual cost column , but we dont have any plan value for all these cost elemenst apart frm BOM compoenents.

As a result the Plan vs actual comparision is not happening.

How to acheive this. Hope I have made my question clear.

Kindly help.