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Jul 23, 2011 at 05:55 AM

Statistical Key figure allocation


Hi Experts,

I have a doubt in SKF allocation in assessment cycle, in the cycle i maintained SKF in receiver tracing factor and i done posting to that SKF through KB31N, after that i run the cycle in KSU5 resulting cost is moved from sender cost center to receiver cost center, the sender cost center became zero and receiver cost center got the cost, please explain me how the cost is reached to receiver cost center please explain me with an example i want to know the cost element wise cost please explain me with an example, i am checking the cost center report in S_ALR_87013611 - Plan/Actual Comparisons -> Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance.

With regards,


Moderator: So, what's the doubt? That's exactly how it supposed to work. For more info on SKF, please use