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Jul 23, 2011 at 12:20 AM

check date and check order


Dear Experts,

Fairly general question.

A check instruction can have av. check first and alloc check next and vice versa.. with no apparent difference in results of the confirmed quantity in either case. (unless we bring in rules and remaning requirement logic that I am not at the moment).

There is small and sensible requirement.

I want to confirm a sales requirement against remaining allocation at a different date vis-a-vis actual availability check date (mbdat) against ATP quantity. For simplicity assume there is no b/w and f/w consumption in allocation design.

SAP help says this is controllable such in standard. but I want to know what could be the possible side effects and any other possible interpretation of such a design...keeping in mind this is change on top of live system where pre-sales and sales documents consume allocations without a strong concept of scheduling (within the check framework). Could this have any bearing on the order of check steps i.e. if I want to check allocations at a date earlier than material availability date, should Allocation check be the first step. I need to set up a hell lot to verify all this. has no such re-assuring statement that I could locate.Hence looking for first cut answers from your experiences.

Business context: I want to check remaining allocated quantity on "scheduled" goods issue date as opposed to material availability date which is scheduled backwards from customer requested date. The reason being the customer has been promised a certain shipping date based on a auction he won. This means that being able to meet shipping date is more important than being able to meet scheduled delivery date. This is true of not all sales scenarios but only some. Moreover we take allocations seriously because that is the very basis for production planning from the limited raw materials from nature