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Jan 19, 2005 at 02:29 PM

UWL custom attributes


I have configured a view for a travel expense approval task (using the "How to..." guide) and have configured some custom attributes (trip reason and destination )as as columns in the list view, and these are populated with data correctly. What I want to do is include the Total Cost of the trip as a custom attribute in the list view, and have created a Custom Attribute for it, but do not know what data type to define it as - I've tried double, int, string but in none of these cases does the amount get displayed - any ideas if this can be done, if so, how? Some of the xml config is below.

Many thanks


<CustomAttributeSource id="ABAP_BOR" objectIdHolder="externalObjectId" objectType="ZZBUS2089" cacheValidity="final">

<Attribute name="BEGINDATE" type="date" displayName="Begin Date"/>

<Attribute name="ENDDATE" type="date" displayName="End Date"/>

<Attribute name="REASON" type="string" displayName="Reason"/>

<Attribute name="LOCATION" type="string" displayName="Location"/>

<Attribute name="TOTALCOSTS" type="int" displayName="Total Costs"/>