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Jan 19, 2005 at 09:41 AM

Multiprovider to include a single value


Hello all,

I explain what I'm trying to implement: we have created a multicube which includes two infocubes. This works. Buet now we need to show, for each virtual line of that multicube, a value. This value only depends on time. So I have created an ODS to store this value for each period. Then I include the ODS in our multicube. There is no common characteristics between the ODS and the other infocubes apart from the time characteristic. And the fact is that it doesn't work. I see it in a query: for each line of the multicube no value is assigned but, if we display a register without any value of the characteristic, then I see the value in an empty line, just with the time characteristic. I supposed that the multicube would have to generate a line for each combination of characteristics of every infocube/ODS and adding every value field. Is that so? I've tried including common characteristics in the ODS, and also changing the ODS for another infocube. But all these options didn't work to me.

Is there a limitation to mix more than two infocubes/ODS in a multicube?

How could I add a value at the end of every line in the query of our multicube? The value only depends on time characteristic.

Thank you very much for any help.