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Jan 19, 2005 at 08:28 AM

ATP user exits EXIT_SAPLATPC_002


We are using user exit EXIT_SAPLATPC_002 to modify ATP after determination by the system. However, when a material is listed multiple times on purchase order/STO, when reaching this user exit all the line items related to this material appear in the table T_ATPCSX.

When there are multiple materials (and no duplication of materials in the line items) this problem does not exist, as the user exit is run for each material individually and the table T_ATPCSX appears only for the given material.

The problem lies in modifying the availability/committed quantity via table T_MDVEX. There is no way to determine which line in T_MDVEX is for whichline in the STO/purchase order when there are multiple lines containing the same material - T_MDVEX contains no identifying information besides perhaps quantity and date - and that should not be the information you match up table T_ATPCSX with table T_MDVEX for, as it's pretty unreliable when you could have duplicate lines with the

same quantities and dates.

Does anybody have a solution for matching the data in T_ATPCSX with the data in table T_MDVEX for the purposes of modifying the committed quantities? Help is much appreciated as I'm tearing my hair out over this one.


Abby 😊