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Former Member
Jul 21, 2011 at 05:59 PM

shoppingcart wokflow error


Hi All,

I have a requirement where the SC has to be approved by the LIne manager(head of org unit) followed by the SLApprover with appropriate limit.

for eg:

SC value : 1000USD

Line manager apporval limit is 500$

Req SLApprover's limit is 1000$

It works fine in the above case.

SC value: 1500USD

Line manager limit : 500$

Req SLApprover(say 'X') limit 1000$

2nd level SLApprover (say Y ---X's SLApprover) limit 2000$

in this case it shows in the approval preview correctly

1 line maanger

2. Y.

but when I order the SC and approved by the line manager and when i try to open the item from the UWL of 'Y' , i get the error

"Work item not or no longer valid ((might have been already processed)" whereas i can see in the approval preview and the workflow log its still lying with Y. Please can you suggest what can be the reason and what is the solution.