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Jul 21, 2011 at 01:34 PM

Release of Cost Estimate - Error associated with posting period


I am not sure whether this is the right place to post question on Release of Cost Estimate (CK24), if not please advice

In current period, when we are doing release of a cost estimate in CK24 for a

given material, we are noticing no cost being released. In the logs, it is

mentioned as


Company code 3000: Release too late

Message no. CK156


Company code 3000:

The end of period 007 is 09/30/2010. This, however, has been exceeded. Only cost estimates from the current period can be released.

System Response

No cost estimates are released from company code 3000.


To release cost estimates from company code 3000, you must choose the current posting period.


Based on the log, checked what is the current posting period based on

good reciepts (mvt. type 101) which we did yesterday, and the posting date is

07/20/2011 (mm/dd/yyyy), which is insync with what we are maintaining in CK24 (07/2011)

Question: Even though maintaining right posting period (Month - July, Year - 2011)

in CK24 for cost release, what could be the reason behind an error message

Note: With Posting period/fiscal year - 07/2011,_marking_ is successfull without

NO error log