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Jul 21, 2011 at 11:09 AM

BPM 7.3 - Adobe Lifecycle Designer 9.0


Hi guys,

I`m a PI developer and quite new to SAP BPM, only took part in the SAP training several months ago.

Now my colleague installed a BPM 7.3 system and I`m trying to implement some processes starting with

the sample of the training.

At the moment I try to connect Adobe Lifecycle Designer with the NWDS to use Adobe Forms.

Following note 1522483 I choose Adobe Lifecycle Designer 9.0 and installed it.

During the installation my old version 8.2 was recognized and as described in the note it should be updated.

At the end of the installation there was an error report indicating that there was some trouble during update

of the installation

Error description: Not Available
ErrorCode: -2147467259
State: Install on Update
Type: File
Dest: C:\Programme\Adobe\Designer 9.0\FormDesigner.exe
Source: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\jogugel\Desktop\TEMP\BPM\Adobelifecycledesigner9\Adobe\Designer 9.0\FormDesigner.exe

when I edit the created xdp file in NWDS I could for example create a new data connection specifying the created xsd file, but I am not able to save any changes.

In the Error log following errors are visible:

openDocumentWithBaseUrl() NOT successfully called (maybe too old version of WDAdobeControl.dll?). 
File: <C:\Knowledge_local\BPM_BRM\NWDS 7.3 workspace.jdi\LocalDevelopment\PO_DEMO_SC\\po_product_demo\pr\pm\_comp\src\PurchaseRequestForm.xdp> 
Path: <C:\Knowledge_local\BPM_BRM\NWDS 7.3 workspace.jdi\LocalDevelopment\PO_DEMO_SC\\po_product_demo\pr\pm\_comp\src\> ... 
Trying to call openDocument() instead ...      [Error:  Thread[main,6,main]]

and a second error:

NativeWrapper.openDocumentWithBaseUrl() returns false because rgdispid is null     
 [Error:  Thread[main,6,main]]

I already searched for this error in SDN and the web, but without result.

The NWDS version I am using is 7.3 SP02 PAT0001

Does anybody has an idea what the reason for this error could be and how to solve it,

maybe I am using two incompatible versions? Is there a way to check or guide describing this?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards,


Beforehand I already tried Designer 8.2