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Jul 21, 2011 at 12:30 AM

How Consolidated Master Data Gets Linked to the Transactional Data?



Suppose we have three legacy systems holding customer master data. We fetch the data from these three systems into MDM and consolidate the records. Let's say there were three customer master records:

CUST123, John James, 123 Elm Street

CT00123, James, John, 123 Elm St.

0000123, John James, 123 Elm Street.

We merge them in MDM and create one record

NEWCUST123, James, John, 123 Elm Street

Question is: How the transactional data from the three legacy system will be mapped to this new customer master record? How the purchase orders will know that CUST123 is now NEWCUST123 ? When this mapping happens in a project and who does that?



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