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Jul 20, 2011 at 08:43 PM

MII JRA Connection to ECC Message Server



I'm trying to establish a connection between MII 12.0/NW 7.0 and our new ECC system using the JRA Connector.

In the past we've used a JCo connection to call function modules in SAP R/3. We're currently upgrading our R/3 system to ECC 6 and would like to take advantage of load balancing, which JCo doesn't support.

Currently, I have deployed the sapjra.rar file with the following parameters,

MessageServer =

SystemID = ECQ

Group = PUBLIC

Language = EN

UserName = miirfc

Password = ******

I have also set Auth Type to "Caller Impersonation."

In the workbench, I'm trying to use the JRA Start Session and JRA Function Call action blocks. I have configured the Start Session action block to use the appropriate "sharable" JRA Connector. When I go into the Function Call action block configuration and click the "Get List" button to get a list of Function Modules from ECC, I get an error,

JRAProxy error: Entry not found

I also notice in the NetWeaver logs that I get this error information,

JCO Proxy Error (handleList): Couldn't create ManagedConnection with . {jco.client.lang=EN, jco.client.passwd=****, jco.client.user=miirfc, jco.client.jra_conn=true,, jco.client.type=B,, jco.client.r3name=ECQ}

The only thing I see wrong with this, is according to the SAP API for the JCo class, the value for jco.client.type should be "3" for R/3. But I don't know how to set that value or even if that's what's causing the problem.

I have also tried entering username and password information in the Start Session action block and checking the "Use Local Settings" check box but it still gives the same error.

Sorry for the lengthy post, any help would be appreciated.