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Jul 20, 2011 at 04:22 PM

Sales orders with credit issues taking availability stock



I am doing confirmation using Global ATP in APO. The confirmation is well done, but the confirmed quantity for sales orders with clients that have credit issues is taken the available sotck for other sales orders with ok clients that I want to confirm the quantity they ordered.

For example:

Stock: 10 PC

Client A order 15 PC and 10 are confirmed, but the ordered is retained becuse of credit issues with client A.

Then client B order 3 PC, but nothing is confirmed because the ordered for client A is reserving the stock (note: this would be ok if client A had not credit issues).

So, I want that the 3 PC for client B are confirmed and the 10 PC not reserved for the cient A while client A has credit issues.

How could I configured, so that the orders with credit issues do not reserve stock for the incoming orders?

Thanks a lot.