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Jul 20, 2011 at 11:28 AM

Data Area full because of temporary data


We are running MaxDB unicode in a non SAP environment (is basis for a web application).

Database Server has 4 Cpu's, 8 Gb RAM, operating system Debian-Linux 6.0.

Data Area are 2 volumes, each 20Gb size, filling is actual around 60% (24 Gb)

MaxUserTasks 200.

We encountered a problem that the database stops due to the fact that the data area was full (100%), what is in principle clear to me. So we restarted the database and the filling of the data area was 60% again.

During our analysis we get aware that the 40% of the data area (16 Gb) were filled with temporary data, we assuming resulting from the user sessions temporary data.

I didn't found much information regarding this behaviour and our possibilities to adjust some parameters regarding this issue.

My intention would be to advice MaxDB to release temporary data before reaching 100% filling of data area.

How can I prevent happening this again?

Any hints are welcome.

Best regards