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Jul 20, 2011 at 10:34 AM

erp 6 ehp5 connect to TREX- embededd search



i have installed new erp6 ehp5 for test

im try connecting to TREX 7.1 level hier then 27

WHEN I START TR "esh_cockpit" i get error in all lines

now- if i connect to another system like- erp 6 ehp4 its working/

i check all parameter -

i know that i need the EMBEDEDD SEARCH/

and for that i need an new installation - not with netweaver -

but with

i saw note 1249465

but in this note the order install is for linux

and i have windows/

i need help here/

how to install trex - (with nw or other way; and how i add embededd search)