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Jul 20, 2011 at 08:44 AM

Clear by assignment field and customer



I am facing the following situation:

I am working on an interface SAP-Payment service provider. This provider is sending me a total amount (sum of several invoices)in order to recognize every invoice separately, I asked to inform in the assignment field the customer id when sending the payment to SAP. Once this payment is posted in SAP I am using transaction code FB05 for the clearing with the corresponding invoices. The situation is that my invoices (which should clear with the payment) have in the assignment field another value, different to customer id.

I was thinking about adding a new rule at spro (Automatic clearing)in order to clear by customer idu2026and assignment field of my payment. But still donu2019t know if it is going to work or how to built this condition.

Can you give me a helping hand?

Thanks you so much