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Jul 20, 2011 at 05:32 AM

Authentiaction error viewing payment summaries


Hi All

If a user is operating within the intranet, all users are able to view

the payment summaries, payslips, etc in the portal

Once a user is on the internet using the external facing address, the

user is able to perform all functions, except that of the payment

summary, which is a new element of the portal that has gone live


There is nothing appearing in the ABAP stack in way of errors. However

on the portal, in the log files in the main work directory I am seeing

the following:

in the dev_webdisp file:

[Thr 3599] Wed Jul 20 13:06:27 2011

[Thr 3599] *** ERROR => Permission denied: authorization failed for

user >< {000

20039} [http_auth_mt.c 917]

in the dev_icm_sec file







Wed Jul 20 12:59:38 2011

Error: Permission denied (-13), Permission denied: authorization failed

for user

>< [http_auth_mt.c 917]

[Thr 8996] CONNECTION (id=3/41):

used: 1, type: 1, role: 1, stateful: 0

NI_HDL: 13, protocol: HTTPS(2)

local host: ()

remote host: ()


connect time: 20.07.2011 12:59:38

MPI request: <6f8> MPI response: <6f9>

request_buf_size: 65464 response_buf_size: 0

request_buf_used: 1075 response_buf_used: 0

request_buf_offset: 0 response_buf_offset: 0



What I can't understand is how when a user is on the intranet they dont

have authorisation problems and how they do once they are on the

internet. The other is why it only happens on this form.

I look forward to your response.