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Jul 20, 2011 at 03:49 AM

Solution to Integration Scenario: RFC ->XI ->RFC


Hi ,

Our company is implementing a PI project. The aim is to integrate a product into SAP via PI.

The product is written in C#, using a middle ware called 'ERPConnect' to call RFC from SAP system.

The requirement is that ALL integration processes should be triggered from C# via RFC calls. The integration is synchronous.

So, if there is no PI, the thing is very simple. it is like RFC calls between two SAP systems. Say, ECC_A calls RFC from ECC_B

Now, when the process goes via PI, how to design it?

I guess, the receiver RFC adapter would be pointing to ECC_B in above example.

My question is,

1. How to define the sender RFC adapter?

2. How to execute/test the scenario?


BR, Richard.