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Jul 19, 2011 at 03:12 PM

GUI_DOWNLOAD Control_flush_error --> session missing?


Hi guys,

here's the deal:

I developed an application (simple Report) in which a PDF is created, downloaded to the Presentation Server (Client) and executed via inetexplorer. Works all fine testing with SAP_ALL. When run with the rights of a user who's acutally going to use this application. the program fails, because the authority is missing. The respective authority CANNOT be assigned to the user due to in-house regulations.

To avoid this authority issue, I packed the code including the GUI_DOWNLOAD Function Module into an RFC-FM with the option "DESTINATION". Destinination in my case is the same server I start the request from, access is gained via a system user who has SAP_ALL. So bottom line I'm just outsourcing the code, which would require the end user to have certain rights he isn't supposed to have, to the system user...

Yet, when tested with the appropriate User (in DIalogue mode of course) I'm getting Sy-Subrc 21 = Control_flush_error. I have a sense of foreboding the session GUI_DOWNLOAD needs, is cut when Calling the RFC FM. If that is correct, I have a problem, because...

OPEN DATASET --> can be used for application server, can be used in background

DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD --> can be used for presentation user, needs dialogue mode

Can anyone confirm this?... Or maybe it's something completely different? Would I have any other chance to download a document from runtime to the presentation server via an RFC FM?

I hope someone can help me, << priority normalized >> 😕

best regards, Lukas

Edited by: Rob Burbank on Jul 19, 2011 11:45 AM