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Jan 15, 2005 at 06:01 AM

WebAS6.40 Re-installation Error



We had installed WebAs6.40 Sneak Preview with MaxDB. But due to some problems we had to uninstall that and re-install the same. But before uninstalling WebAS, we did not uninstall MaxDB.

Now when we are trying to reinstall WebAS, it says that the previous installation of MaxDB was not uninstalled properly and the registry entry exists.

I have searched for the key 'MaxDB' and removed all entries in the registry. But I can't remove the folder sapdb in my directory as it say 'can't remove sapni. Access denied'.

Please help me to uninstall or remove the previous MaxDB installation.

This is error that I get.

<i>ERROR 2005-01-15 11:53:09

MDB-070021 Registry information for database software found in system but the software check failed. The software was not properly removed or installed incorrectly.</i>

Thanks & Regards,