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Jul 18, 2011 at 01:43 PM

unproductive company code transport


in our production server (PRD), someone manually create a company code 1120, and configure payment method and house bank,

in development server, company code 1120 not exist.

now we want to add new payment method and house bank account ID, this must be done through transport, I have using EC01

to copy another company code 1030 to generate company code 1120, but the credit control area is 1030. in 1120 company code

data, it is un-productive, while in PRD, 1120 is productive.

so what should I do now? can I simply add payment method in development server and transport? will the un-prodcutive status of 1120 overwrite PRD setting?

or do I need set up 1120 credit control area, posting variant, parameter in development and transport

whole 1120 company code setting?

Also, if we set up new company code in development server with unproductive, after transport to PRD, we set prodctive checkbox in comapny code setting,

is this the best practice?