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Jul 18, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Current Exng rate not picked SD invoice posting in PROD,it is picked in DEV


Dear All,

We are facing a peculiar problem for sales invoice accounting entries. The problem is related to currency exchange rate. We have created a sales order with some earlier pricing date (01.12.2010).The USD to INR exchange rate is mentioned 47.23% in OB08.The sales order is copying the rate of 47.23% as the pricing date is 01.12.2010. Now we have created a sales invoice in VF01. Now if we see the exchange rate in billing document it is 47.23% as it copies from the sales order.

Now we have maintained Currency exchange rate in OB08 for date 16.07.2011 as 44.22%. After that we posted the sales invoice and the accounting document we found that system is picking the exchange rate based on billing date (the Bline Date) the current one i.e. 44.22%.

This is exactly we want and the test is successful in DEV and QAS server.

The entire process is repeated in the Production server but the result is not successful. The system is not fetching the exchange rate based on Bline date. It is based on the old pricing date exchange rate (47.23%).

How to solve this issue as there is no configuration mismatch between DEV and PRD.