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Former Member
Jul 18, 2011 at 10:31 AM

OO ALV refresh problem


I open an editable ALV report by pushing a button from main screen of my program.

The program reads data from database and prints them on OO editable ALV.

At the first time, there is no problem, I can edit fields and save them, no problem so far, but if i write sth on some editable fields and press BACK button without saving, and then again open the ALV from main screen, although i cleared everthing and read the data from db table, i still see the fields that i filled. They arent on the DB table becouse i didnt save before pushing BACK button and i cleared them.

I shouldnt see them after pushing BACK and opening ALV again.

I couldnt catch this problem at debug. I think i should clear some tables or areas but i couldnt be sure.

Anyone has ideas?