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Jul 18, 2011 at 06:16 AM



In a Table control we have provided a radio button filed. The table control lists several data and the user needs to select one of the given data and then only to proceed.

Case : When there are contents in the table control which are not shown in the current screen, but can be seen when scrolled.

By default the first radio button against the first listed data is checked. If I scroll down so that the line item against which the raio button was seleceted goes up and is not shown in the screen, if I select another radiobutton and scroll up , the DUMP DYNP_TOO_MANY_RADIOBUTTONS_ON will occur.

When I Checked the Internal table the filed by which the radio button is represented (ie. SEL field) is getting selected for both the radiobuttons selected.

And the dump is occuring only when both the selected radiobuttons are displayed in the screen (By scrolling).

Is this because that SAP is handiling Only RADIOBUTTON group concept in the current screen.

Is there any Standard Action to be performed to solve the issue.



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