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Jul 17, 2011 at 03:04 AM

Can i send 2000 CHARs STRING from webdynpro to interactiv form via CONTEXT?



I am developing a adobe interactive form with webdynpro abap.

I have to send some custom tables data(basically, this data is set of FLAGS for all the fields of the form, which flags determined the DISPLAY properties(grey, mandatory etc.) of fields of form) from SAP to Adobe form, then, based on this FLAGS, i will change the display characteristics of fields of adobe.

To achieve this, i have created a STRING type of ATTRIBUTE in the CONTEXT, which carries this FLAGS data as a STRING from SAP-webdynpro to adobe, then, i will write the Java script on the form. Because, i want to have simple procedures/methods, i would not like to pass this flags data as TABLE node from webdynpro to adobe, so i opted STRING

Pls. let me know, 1) Is there any LIMITATION in perspective of length of string to send from webdynpro to adobe, am expecting in my case the length wuld be 2000 CHARs, is it okay?

2) is there any better APPROACH than my idea?

Thank you