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Jul 15, 2011 at 07:17 PM

Printing multiple copies of 3 page BOL in Duplex mode-


Hi Gurus!

I have created a smartform to print the BOL on front side and terms and conditions on back side. I used the duplex mode to print and it works perfectly fine. When I have a BOL with 3 pages of information , it prints the items on the front side and terms and conditions on the second side and it does everything absolutely correctly.

At our organization we always print 5 copies of any BOL and that is when the problem arises. When we do a printing of the BOL form with number of copies set to 5 , it prints very akwardly with the settings. First it prints page 1 front and same thing on the back, then again the first page on the first and its back and then front on the third side , then similarly 5 sides of terms and conditions and then followed by 5 sides of page 2 items and followed by 5 sides of terms and conditions, which is very akward. Actually it should print first set with page 1 and TC on back of it , then Page 2 and TC on its back and page 3 and TC on its side like it does when I make a single copy.

Is there any settings that I am missing thats making the above happen when I print multiple copies of the BOL?

Please suggest.