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Jul 14, 2011 at 05:39 PM

Xcelsius - Crystal Report Data Consumer connection Issues


Sorry for the long post but i hope with the full explaination, i can get a quick answer & solution.

Using Crystal Reports 2008 and Xcelsius 2008 Engage, SQL 2008 stored procedure.

I have tested the Crystal Reports Data Consumer connection within the Xcelsius program, using the following steps :

1. Create a stored procedure that returns the Continent Name and the Count of Projects within each Continent.

2. Create a Crystal Report using the stored procedure, 2 columns in the Details section, column names in the Page Header section.

3. Save and export this as an Excel spreadsheet.

4. Open the Xcelsius program, new file and import spreadsheet. Column A is the Continent Name, Column B is the Count.

5. Without altering the spreadsheet, I created a graph using the data imbedded. i.Bar Graph, series and row selections. Ii. Pie chart with row data selection. Iii.Column data as series and row selections.

6. Created a Crystal Report Data Consumer connection using the data imbedded within then spreadsheet. The column A as the u201CRow Headersu201D & column B as the u201CDatau201D. Took quite a while to get the right combination of selected components so that the preview actually showed the data and the corresponding data labels. The Legend still hasnu2019t shown up.

7. Save and Export as Flash (swf) file.

8. Close Xcelsius and open Crystal Reports.

9. Open the same report used to create the spreadsheet and Insert -> Flash, choosing the newly created swf file.

10. Link the data displayed On the Crystal Report to the Flash file now embedded, using the Flash Expert. Have tried both with the data listed on the Report, and the data listed as the result of the stored procedure.

11. Previewed and the Data shown on the Graph does match the data listed within the Details section of the Report.

12. I then altered the stored procedure to add u201C1u201D to all counts, and refreshed the Crystal Report. (I cannot add new data to the underlying database/tables, due to various other folks & projects using that same database.)

13. The listed data does change to match the changes within the procedure.

14. The Data labels on the Graph do change to match the changes within the procedure.

15. The Actual Displayed Data within the Graph Does Not change to match the changes within the procedure.

I have attempted this with a pie chart, a bar and column charts with the same affect.

I have searched the web, printed out 4 different examples on how to make this work and still it is hit or miss. I still can not get the legend to show up, either in the preview or the within the Crystal Reports. When I preview the graph before adding the Crystal Report Data Consumer connections, it does work.

Please someone tell me, What am I missing here ?

Thanks in advance for your help.