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Jul 14, 2011 at 04:51 PM

Reflection of PRD A/c in COPA Report


Dear All,

Can any body please clarify me on the following points:

1.When we define one Price Diffrence Gain/Loss A/c,Exchange Gain/Loss A/c ,Inventory Diffrences-Gain/Loss A/c and Revaluation of Inventory-Gain/Loss A/c.My point is how the values of gain or loss arising out of these GL accounts will be reflected in COPA Report.(i.e Gain value will be with '-' sign and Loss will be with '+' sign and how net effect will be reflected in the Report)

2.If the values are not reflected correctly,then should we define GL accounts separately for gain & loss accounts. or

3.Is there any configuration to be done (if so please let me know steps) to achive the desired results by defining one GL a/c for Gain & Loss.